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Quickly find the best taxi cab services and cost at LGA


Traveling to NYC, I recently used LaGuardia's taxi services. Here's my firsthand info: helpful, current, and in-depth.

Taxi Services at LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport, in Queens, NY, is a bustling hub for 30 million passengers yearly. Taxis are an ideal choice; they've been around since 1939. NYC's iconic yellow cabs have designated stands outside each terminal. Taking a taxi offers convenience and speed - plus it's accessible 24/7. I've used taxis here many times - pricey with potential delays - so here are tips to get one quickly and smoothly for your LaGuardia experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking a Taxi at LaGuardia Airport

Taxiing from LaGuardia Airport is a popular, convenient choice for travelers. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding.


  • **Convenience: **Taxis wait at the airport to take you straight to your destination without transfers or stops.

  • Speed: Taxis often beat traffic, saving time and stress.

  • **Accessibility: **Taxis offer curb-to-curb service for travelers with heavy luggage or mobility issues.


Weigh the pros and cons of taking a taxi at LaGuardia Airport to make an informed decision. Consider cost, traffic, delays, and destination before deciding.

Expert tips: Carpool or take public transport for budget-friendly trips; take a taxi for quick arrival; taxis may be better than driving in crowded areas with scarce parking.

LaGuardia Airport's taxi service provides convenience and speed. Weigh costs, delays, pros/cons, and expert opinions to choose the best option for your journey.

How to Get a Taxi at LaGuardia Airport

At LaGuardia Airport, get a taxi quickly and easily. Follow signs to the taxi stand outside each terminal. Join the line and wait your turn, following social distancing guidelines. Give your destination to the attendant then board when directed. Enjoy the ride as the driver takes you safely and swiftly to your destination. Note: hailing taxis outside of the stand is prohibited; tipping 15-20% with a $2 minimum is suggested; make sure the meter starts before the ride begins for the correct fare; travel during off-peak hours for more availability; have the address written down or saved on phone for a smoother process. Get a stress-free experience by following these steps at LaGuardia Airport!

Taxi Fare Estimation and Payment Methods

At LaGuardia Airport, consider taxi fares and costs to plan and budget. Knowing the fare structure and payment options helps ensure a stress-free ride.

Taxi Fares at LaGuardia: NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission regulates fares. The base rate is $2.50/1/5 mile or 60 sec wait time, plus surcharges ($1 peak hour Mon-Fri 4-8 PM; $2.50 JFK trips; $1 NY State tax).

Estimated Taxi Rates:

  • Midtown Manhattan: $30-$40
  • Lower Manhattan: $45-$50
  • Upper East Side: $35-$45
  • Upper West Side: $40-$50

Note that these are estimates; actual costs may differ due to traffic, route, etc.

Roughly estimate taxi fares to LaGuardia Airport with a fare estimator tool or app. Ask your driver for an estimate before departing, as traffic and route changes can alter the cost.

Payment Options: At LaGuardia Airport, you can pay for your taxi ride with cash, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Ask the driver what payment methods they accept before starting the ride. Check with your credit card provider to see if foreign transaction fees apply.

Pay for Taxi: Prepare cash, credit card, and mobile payments. Consider extra fees or tips (15-20% of the fare). Tip driver in a preferred way. Know LaGuardia Airport's fares and costs to budget a relaxed ride.

Alternative Transportation Options to/from LaGuardia Airport

Taxiing to/from LaGuardia is common, but other options exist. Here we review alternatives and suggest when they're best.

  1. Ride-sharing: Uber and Lyft's rise makes ride-sharing a popular, cost-effective travel choice. Accessible via the app at LaGuardia Airport, just enter your destination and wait for a driver. Ride-share costs may be lower than taxis but beware of surge pricing during peak times.

  2. Car rental: Gain control and flexibility on your trip with a car rental. LaGuardia Airport offers Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz. Explore NYC at your own pace but remember parking can be costly - a factor that in when deciding.

  3. Public Transport: Save money with public transport. The MTA runs buses and subways to LaGuardia, like the Q70-SBS bus and 7 train. These may take longer than a taxi or ride-share, but they're much cheaper. Get around easily with the MetroCard for all forms of public transit in NYC.

Compare costs, timetables, and ease when choosing alternate transport. Note that some may not be 24/7; verify availability before deciding.

Traveling solo or in a small group? Ride-sharing is convenient and cost-effective. Bigger groups or lots of luggage? Rent a car. Tight budget or extra time? Public transport's your best bet.

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Taxi Experience at LaGuardia Airport

Traveling to LaGuardia? Take a taxi for convenience and ease. Get insider tips and expert advice to find your ride quickly.

  1. Prepare Research routes and travel time before arriving at LaGuardia Airport to choose the right taxi service and save money. Some offer flat rates, and others charge by meter; know this ahead of time.

  2. Use official taxis: To be safe, use an official taxi stand or kiosk outside the terminal, or one of the ride-hailing apps affiliated with the airfield. Avoid unauthorized drivers who may be a source of overcharging or danger.

  3. Follow Rules: Obey airport and taxi service rules (e.g., seatbelt on, no smoking/eating) to avoid fines/penalties.

  4. Know Fare Structure: Ask the driver for the estimated cost before starting the journey and confirm the fare before getting in; most accept cash/credit card payments.

  5. Tipping Etiquette: Tip 15-20% of the total fare for typical service; tip more if you receive exceptional service - carry small bills for tipping purposes.

  6. Be patient: Expect longer wait times during peak periods (holidays/rush hour) - plan accordingly by allowing extra time to get where you need to go.

  7. Keep your belongings safe: To stay safe and secure, keep bags and personal belongings with you at all times and lock doors when entering and exiting the cab.

  8. Ease your LaGuardia Airport taxi ride: Plan, use official taxis, follow rules/regs, know fare structure, tip right, and stay patient. Secure your belongings for a safe and efficient journey with these expert tips.


This guide covers taxis at LaGuardia Airport: advantages/disadvantages, tips, fares, alternatives, insider advice, and more. Make an informed decision with our help. For further queries about taxi services at LaGuardia Airport visit their website or contact customer service. Bon, voyage!

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