Lost & Found Department at New York LaGuardia International Airport

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Lost and Found

I lost my phone at LaGuardia Airport and can vouch for the Lost & Found Department's efficiency and helpfulness. I offer in-depth, useful, up-to-date info from my experience.


Travelers value LaGuardia Airport's Lost & Found Department. Losing items can be stressful, but this department is efficient, professional, and helpful in locating them. Time is key when reporting lost items; the sooner you contact the department, the better your chances of finding it. Here are details on how to contact them, retrieve lost items, and avoid loss plus FAQs for a seamless experience with LaGuardia's Lost & Found Department.

How to Contact the Lost & Found Department

Lost something at LaGuardia? Contact the Lost & Found Department. The easiest way is to fill out an online form on their website with your name, phone number, email address, and a detailed description of the item. You can also call (718) 751-4001 24/7 or visit in person between gates B18 and B20 from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily. Provide accurate info about the lost item - description, identifying marks, date/time/location - for best results.

Process for Retrieving Lost Items

Misplace something at LaGuardia? Learn the Lost & Found process. Security footage and thorough searches take hours to days, depending on the item. Once located, they contact you for a return; proof of ownership may be needed. If not found in a certain time, instructions are given for contacting another agency. The process is long but providing accurate info and following up boosts retrieval chances. Lost & Found works hard to help travelers - understanding their process increases your odds of getting back what's lost.

Tips for Avoiding Lost Items

Lower the risk of losing items at LaGuardia by taking precautions.

Keep important items on your person

Prevent lost items at LaGuardia Airport by keeping them on you. Secure passports, wallets, and phones in a pocket or bag that's always visible.

Use tracking devices

Is the fear of losing items? Get an asset-tracking device. Attach it to your luggage or other possessions for constant location tracking, especially helpful for easily forgotten items like keys and headphones.

Label your bags

Label bags with your name and contact details to guarantee return if lost. Include the phone number and email for Lost & Found to quickly reach you.

Double-check your belongings

Ensure you have all your belongings before leaving any airport. Especially when disembarking a plane or taxi, as it's easy to overlook something in haste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stressed at LaGuardia's Lost & Found? Get answers and learn how to reclaim your item.

  • How long does it take to process a Lost & Found report? Processing time depends on items and reports. Check back often for updates, supplying extra data if necessary.

  • What if my item isn't found? The department will store your report for a while before discarding it; keep track and check back in case they find your item.

  • Can someone else pick up my lost item? Yes, with a signed/notarized letter from you plus a valid ID.

  • If I lose something on a plane, what should I do? Contact the airline directly as they may have their own Lost & Found Department; LaGuardia also accepts reports.

  • What items are usually found at the airport's Lost & Found Department? Electronics, wallets, passports, personal belongings - even musical instruments or prosthetic legs!

  • Can I file a report outside of the airport? No - only items lost within LaGuardia premises can be reported there.

  • Is there a fee to retrieve an item? No fee but proof of ownership or shipping costs may be required.

Gain knowledge of common queries and answers to maximize your chances of recovering lost items at LaGuardia Airport.


LGA's Lost & Found helps travelers recover lost items. This guide explains the process for contacting and retrieving them, plus tips to prevent loss: keep essentials close and use tracking devices when needed. If an item is misplaced at LGA, contact the office quickly with accurate info; follow up often for best results. Reuniting people with their possessions is the mission of LGA Lost & Found.

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