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Frequent traveler? Rent from Avis at LaGuardia Airport. I'm delighted by their swift service and quality cars. Here's my thorough, useful, current info.


Travel smarter with Avis at LaGuardia. As a frequent traveler, I share my knowledge to help you pick the perfect rental car. This guide covers all the basics - from location and hours to process and vehicle choices. Let's discover what Avis offers!

Location and Hours

Rent a car at LaGuardia Airport with Avis. The rental is in Terminal A (Delta Air Lines and partners) and accessible via complimentary shuttle buses. Open 24/7, and plan your trip without worrying about hours. Reserve ahead and arrive 30 minutes early for peak times convenience. With its location and flexible hours, Avis makes renting easy!

Vehicle Options

Rent a car from Avis at LaGuardia Airport. Select economy, compact, midsize, full-size, premium, or luxury cars; SUV or minivan for more space. Popular models include Ford Fiesta/Yaris/Versa (economy/compact); BMW 5 Series/Mercedes E-Class/Audi A6 (luxury); Ford Explorer/Nissan Pathfinder (SUV) and Chrysler Pacifica/Dodge Grand Caravan (minivan). Consider passengers, luggage, and budget when reserving to get the ideal fit.

Rental Process

Easily rent a car from Avis at LaGuardia Airport. I'll guide you through the process, including documents and fees.

Step 1: Reserving Your Car

Book a car from Avis at LaGuardia. Reserve online, call or use their app.

Step 2: Check-In

At LaGuardia's Avis, check in and present your license, insurance, and card to cover fees.

Step 3: Choosing Your Car

After check-in, head to the rental lot. Avis offers economy cars, SUVs, and luxury vehicles plus extras like GPS, child seats, or toll passes.

Step 4: Inspection and Agreement

Before driving off the rental lot, inspect the car with an Avis rep to ensure no pre-existing damage. Thoroughly examine and record any damages before departing. You will receive a rental agreement outlining terms and conditions; read it carefully and ask questions before signing.

Step 5: Return the Car

Return the rental car to Avis at LaGuardia Airport. An Avis rep will inspect for damages beyond normal wear and tear. If all is good, get a receipt and go!


Note: Extra fees may apply, such as daily rental fees, taxes, and GPS/child safety seat charges. Review the agreement to understand all costs. Follow these steps for a stress-free Avis LaGuardia Airport car rental.

Additional Services and Amenities

Avis at LaGuardia Airport offers extras to make your rental car experience better. Choose GPS navigation for turn-by-turn directions and up-to-date traffic info, child safety seats for peace of mind, luxury cars with leather seats and advanced sound systems, roadside assistance if you have problems on the road, or a fuel purchase option to save time and money. Enjoy your trip more with Avis!

Tips and Tricks

Rent from Avis at LaGuardia Airport with ease. Plan and use our tips to maximize your rental car experience.

Book Your Car in Advance

Secure your car rental from Avis at LaGuardia Airport by booking ahead. Avoid price hikes and guarantee availability with online or phone reservations. Plus, enjoy flexible cancellation policies if plans change.

Join the Avis Preferred Program

Frequent renters, join Avis Preferred for perks like fast check-in/out, priority service, and discounts. Sign up free on the Avis website - valid worldwide.

Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Needs

Avis provides vehicles from economy to luxury. Consider your needs - passengers, luggage, terrain - when selecting a rental car. A smaller car may be more fuel-efficient and easier to park; a larger one is better for longer trips or groups.

Be Aware of Additional Fees

Renting from Avis at LaGuardia? Be aware of extra fees for additional drivers, late returns, and insurance. Read the agreement closely and ask questions before signing.

Familiarize Yourself with the Vehicle

Familiarize yourself with your vehicle before driving. Adjust mirrors and seats, check headlights and turn signals, and locate emergency brake and spare tire. This ensures security on the road and prevents surprises.

Return the Car on Time and with a Full Tank

Return your Avis rental car to LaGuardia on time, with a full tank. Late returns incur fees; returning it low on gas incurs refueling charges. Plan and fill up to avoid extra costs.

Ensure a seamless rental car experience with Avis at LaGuardia Airport by following these tips.


Rent from Avis at LaGuardia for convenient, efficient travel. This guide provides location, hours, vehicle options, rental process info, and tips to maximize your experience. Choose economy cars to luxury SUVs or vans; the process is simple with GPS navigation available. Get the best results by booking in advance, arriving on time with documents/payment ready; inspecting the car before driving off, and using any extra amenities. Renting from Avis at LaGuardia makes trips hassle-free - safe travels!

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