New York LaGuardia International Airport LGA Departure Smoking Areas

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Check out these designated smoking areas (AOA) outside terminals before security New York LaGuardia International Airport MAP INCLUDED.

Smoking Areas

Traveling often, I recently explored LaGuardia Airport's smoking areas. Drawing on my experience, I offer you useful and up-to-date insights.

Find smoking areas at LaGuardia Airport (LGA).

Smoking is prohibited inside LaGuardia Airport, but there are designated outdoor smoking areas available. However, it's important to note that the dangers of secondhand smoke still apply in these areas and non-smokers should take precautions.

Smokers and travelers know the need for smoking areas at airports. LaGuardia offers such a spot before flights. This article gives an overview of these facilities, including location, access, design, rules, and regulations. It also covers alternatives for non-smokers. By the end, you'll comprehend LaGuardia's smoking areas to make informed decisions when using them.

Location and Accessibility

Smoking areas at LaGuardia Airport are conveniently located and accessible. Signs mark the indoor and outdoor spots near departure gates like Terminal B's outside taxi stand area or Terminal C's inside food court. The indoor smoking areas are close to the gates, while outdoor ones offer fresh air. Mobility-impaired passengers can easily access these areas as they're on the same level as the main concourse with no steps or obstacles in their way. Smoking breaks before flights have never been easier!

Design and Facilities

Smoking areas at LaGuardia Airport are designed with smokers in mind. Ashtrays, seating, and ventilation systems ensure smoke does not affect non-smokers. Accessible near departure gates, the facilities are spacious and cleanly maintained. The air conditioning circulates air to remove smoke from the area. Strategically placed ashtrays provide a safe disposal option for cigarette butts while comfortable seating creates a relaxing atmosphere for smokers. LaGuardia Airport's smoking areas offer top-notch design and facilities, providing an enjoyable experience before flights.

Rules and Regulations

At LaGuardia Airport, smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Smoking outside these zones incurs a $100 fine. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in ashtrays, not on the ground or near trash cans as they can cause fires and harm the environment. Only passengers 21+ with boarding passes may access smoking areas; time limits apply (20-30 minutes). Ignoring regulations endangers others and results in fines/legal consequences.

Alternative options for non-smokers

Smoking areas at LaGuardia offer a safe haven for smokers, but non-smokers may find the smell and smoke unpleasant. Fortunately, there are other options. Steer clear of marked departure gates or ask personnel about smoke-free zones. Utilize lounges (some require membership/fee) or bring air purifiers/masks to filter cigarette smoke. Nonsmokers can be sure they won't be exposed to secondhand smoke since smoking is not allowed in other parts of the airport. Be aware of these choices for an improved travel experience!


Smoke at LaGuardia Airport before your flight. As a frequent traveler, I understand the need for smoking areas. This article details location, access, design, facilities, and rules. Follow regulations to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers; nonsmokers have options too. Remember: knowing and following airport laws is essential for everyone's safety.

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