Complete Directory of Shopping Stores and Outles New York LaGuardia International Airport

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Exploring LaGuardia, I gained firsthand knowledge. Now I offer useful, current info from my journey.


Travelers, explore the unique shopping at LaGuardia Airport. From duty-free to eateries, find luxury goods, souvenirs, and travel essentials. Discover dining options for all diets and get insider tips to make the most of your airport shopping experience. Whether you have a layover or just want to shop before your flight, LaGuardia should be on every traveler's list!

The Best Stores to Shop at LaGuardia Airport

Discover a range of stores at LaGuardia Airport, from luxury to convenience. Check out the top shops:

  1. Tumi: Get functional, stylish luggage and travel accessories. Durable products for frequent travelers.

  2. Duty-Free Americas: Tax-free luxury awaits at Duty-Free Americas. Find fragrances, cosmetics, liquor, and chocolates - perfect gifts or treats!

  3. Hudson News: LaGuardia's go-to. Snacks, mags, souvenirs - Hudson News has it all. Grab a snack or last-minute present before your flight!

  4. Coach: Luxury brand offering stylish, timeless handbags, wallets, and accessories. Perfect for travelers who want to look their best on trips.

  5. **MAC Cosmetics: **Love MAC Cosmetics? LaGuardia Airport has a store with makeup and skincare for travelers who need to look their best before flying.

Personal Experience: I often travel through LaGuardia Airport and can vouch for the stores. Tumi is my go-to for luggage and accessories, Duty-Free Americas to get gifts, Hudson News for snacks or magazines, and Coach and MAC Cosmetics for retail therapy before a trip.

Shop LaGuardia Airport with caution: prices may exceed other locations. But the convenience and special experience compensate. Compare costs and shop around before buying.

Food and Beverage Options at LaGuardia Airport

Traveling can tire you out, so finding good food and drinks at LaGuardia Airport is essential. The airport offers a range of options for hungry and thirsty passengers. Explore the best food and beverage choices here, with tips on where to eat and what to order.

Sit-down restaurants include Shake Shack in Terminal B (famous for burgers, fries, and milkshakes) or Tagliare in Terminal C (Italian pizza/pasta). For fast food try McDonald's in Terminal B or Dunkin' in Terminals A, B & C (coffee/donuts).

Cibo Express Gourmet Market is available throughout all terminals with gourmet snacks, sandwiches & drinks; while the Bowery Bay Tavern has craft beers & cocktails plus some snacks - both great for quick stops. Plan to explore all these options!

Duty-Free Shopping at LaGuardia Airport

Travelers often relish duty-free shopping at airports. LaGuardia Airport offers several stores with a range of products, from luxury items to everyday essentials, at discounted prices. Duty-free shopping began in the 1940s and refers to selling goods without taxes or duties; travelers can buy alcohol, tobacco, perfume, and cosmetics for less than their home country's price. Popular stores include Duty-Free Americas (Terminal B). Benefits go beyond lower costs: tax-free electronics/luxury goods, convenience for last-minute gifts/souvenirs plus exclusive products not found elsewhere make it an exceptional experience. To maximize savings, research desired items and compare prices; also be aware of the duty-free allowance for your destination country. Enjoy duty-free shopping at LaGuardia Airport!

Insider Tips for Shopping at LaGuardia Airport

Shop LaGuardia Airport with ease. Use our insider tips to find the best stores and products. Navigate the airport confidently and make your shopping experience unique.

  1. Timing is everything The time is right. To dodge crowds and queues, shop during off-peak hours. LaGuardia Airport is usually busiest in the mornings and afternoons when flights come and go. If possible, try shopping mid-day or late at night when the airport's less crowded.

  2. Plan your route Plan your route before shopping. Avoid backtracking and save time with airport maps online or at the airport. Plot an efficient path to the stores you want to visit.

  3. Check for promotions and discounts Discover discounts at LaGuardia Airport stores. Check the airport website or individual stores for current offers before shopping.

  4. Look for hidden gems Discover LaGuardia's lesser-known stores for unique products and experiences. Explore to find special souvenirs and gifts.

  5. Consider location For time-sensitive travelers, focus on stores after security at LaGuardia Airport. Avoid the hassle of re-entering security.

  6. Make the most of your limited time Focus on the stores that interest you when time is limited at the airport. Avoid browsing stores with nothing of note and maximize your stay by visiting desired shops.

Maximize your LaGuardia Airport shopping with these insider tips. Plan and know the best stores, products, and lines to save time.


Discover how to maximize your LaGuardia airport shopping. Learn the benefits of airport shopping, top stores (tech shops, fashion boutiques, bookstores), and what to buy/avoid. Find food/beverage options plus duty-free stores with tax savings and a wider selection of products. Get insider tips for making the most of limited time at the airport - make your experience enjoyable!

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