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I rented from Sixt at LaGuardia Airport. I found their customer service, vehicle selection, and rental experience exceeded my expectations. Here's my detailed information. It's based on real-life experiences.

Introduction to Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport

Trust Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport for reliable service. With over a century of experience, they offer top-notch vehicles and customer care. Located in Terminal B, the rental counter is convenient and accessible. I've rented from them multiple times; their staff is friendly and helpful, plus the cars have been clean and well-maintained. For business or pleasure trips, trust Sixt to make your journey smooth and enjoyable.

Vehicle Selection

Rent a car from Sixt at LaGuardia Airport and choose from economy, mid-size, full-size, or luxury vehicles. I opted for an SUV when I rented there; it had plenty of space for luggage and equipment and provided a comfortable ride. Consider the size, features (GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, backup cameras), and price when selecting your rental car. Sixt offers competitive prices with promotions to make rentals more affordable - compare across companies to get the best deal. Whatever you need - basic economy or luxurious SUV - Sixt has you covered!

Customer Service

Sixt Car Rental prioritizes customer service. From the moment you enter, a friendly smile and warm welcome await. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and devoted to providing an excellent experience. During my rental at LaGuardia Airport, I was impressed by their level of service: they took time to understand my needs and suggest the best options for me; patient, and courteous, and went out of their way to ensure satisfaction.

The professionals at Sixt guarantee first-class car rental service. They are trained in vehicles and friendly to help you choose the perfect one. Knowing that renting can be stressful, they strive to make it easy and stress-free.

I highly recommend Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport for their outstanding customer service - going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction! Look no further than Sixt Car Rental if you are looking for a car rental company that values customer service & will go the extra mile for your satisfaction!

Rental Process

Rent a car from Sixt at LaGuardia Airport easily. We'll explain the process and share experiences to help you know what to expect. Reserve online or by phone in advance for your preferred vehicle type. Provide personal info, driver's license number, and credit card details when checking in at the rental counter. The agent will give paperwork including a rental agreement and insurance options plus extra services like GPS rental or additional drivers (for an extra fee). Inspect the vehicle for damages before driving off the lot; notify the agent of any issues before leaving to avoid charges for damage not caused by you.

Personal Experience

Renting from Sixt was effortless. I booked online and the agent swiftly verified my reservation, gave me the paperwork, and offered a discount on extras which I accepted. In the vehicle selection area, I chose from many vehicles in my category. The rental agent helped inspect it for damages before I drove off with the assurance that it was a good pick.

Tips for Making the Rental Process Smoother and Faster

Secure your preferred vehicle with an advance reservation. Provide personal info to avoid delays. Buy insurance ahead for faster service. Inspect the car before leaving the lot to dodge extra charges. Join Sixt's loyalty program for discounts and offers on future rentals. Renting from LaGuardia Airport is easy; follow these tips for a smoother, quicker experience so you can hit the road and enjoy your trip ASAP!

Pricing and Fees

Renting a car? Consider Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport. They offer competitive prices and clear fees, ensuring you get the best deal.

Overview of pricing and fees at Sixt

Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia provides economy cars, luxury autos, SUVs, and more. Prices depend on the type of vehicle, rental length, and season. Special discounts for AAA members and seniors are available.

Personal experience with pricing and fees

Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport gave me an honest, clear rental experience. Their website showed the pricing of each vehicle, allowing me to pick the best option. No hidden fees or shocks made it delightful.

Tips for avoiding hidden fees and getting the best deal

Rent from Sixt at LaGuardia for the best value. Read the details to avoid extra charges like an additional driver or underage fees. Get the Express Card for free upgrades, faster bookings, and other benefits. Look out for specials or discounts that may apply to your rental. Follow these tips to maximize your Sixt experience with affordable rates and clear fees.

Additional Services and Amenities

Rent from Sixt at LaGuardia Airport for more than just transport. Get GPS, the Connect app, child seats, Wi-Fi hotspots, and the private Lounge. Customize your trip with these amenities and friendly service for stress-free travel.

Pros and Cons of Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport

Weigh the pros and cons of renting from Sixt at LaGuardia. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of this car rental option.


Sixt at LaGuardia offers cars from budget to luxury. Get quality service, GPS, kid seats, and roadside help at great prices.


  • Location: Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport is off-site, necessitating a shuttle bus from the terminal. This can prove challenging with luggage or young kids.

  • Costs: Affordable rates plus extra for additional drivers and late returns.

  • Hours: Limited hours may impede early/late flight pick up/drop off.

  • Availability: May not have desired vehicle available in peak seasons.

Factors to Consider

Weigh your needs and preferences when choosing Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport. If you seek a variety of vehicles, great service, and competitive rates, then Sixt may be right for you. But if convenience and on-site offices are top priorities, consider other rental companies in the terminal.

Personal Assessment

We rate Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport as a good choice for travelers. Though off-site and limited hours are drawbacks, their wide selection, quality service, and competitive prices outweigh them. Read the rental agreement carefully to avoid hidden fees.

Factors to Consider

At LaGuardia Airport, consider convenience, vehicles, pricing/fees, customer service, and amenities when choosing a car rental. Research the options to find the best fit for your needs.


Choose Sixt Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport for your rental car needs. Their selection, prices, and service stand out. Enjoy a seamless process with attention to detail and customer satisfaction as top priorities. We highly recommend them; they'll surpass expectations.

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Best Car Rental at New York LaGuardia International Airport | Luxury to Budget - Reviews