New York LaGuardia International Airport Transportation: Shuttle

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Get quick information about traffic and ground transportation options at LGA on Discover all LGA shuttle companies and fares!


Recently at LaGuardia, I tried the shuttle and was astounded by its ease. Here's my firsthand intel to assist you.


Explore the LaGuardia Airport shuttle with ease. This article covers the service, my experience, and tips for a smooth ride. Discover its use, advantages over other transportation options, and how to maximize it.

What's the LaGuardia shuttle?

Experience stress-free travel with LaGuardia Airport's 24/7 shuttle service. Enjoy modern, clean vehicles and frequent pick-ups and drop-offs. Plus, the shuttles are wheelchair accessible with trained drivers to help board and disembark. Rely on this reliable transport for a comfortable journey between terminals, parking lots, car rental facilities, and public transit hubs.

Using the LaGuardia Airport Shuttle

Easily navigate LaGuardia Airport with the shuttle. Follow signs to the pick-up location near terminal exits. Wait for the next available 24/7 shuttle, and show your boarding pass when boarding. Accessibility options are available, and drivers are friendly and professional. Enjoy a stress-free experience with this convenient service!

LaGuardia Airport Shuttle Benefits

Navigating airports can be stressful, but LaGuardia Airport's shuttle offers a solution. Enjoy convenience and economy with the free service. Relax while the driver takes you to your destination, avoiding traffic with efficient routes. Rely on licensed airport drivers who maintain cleanliness and safety. Benefit from time-saving, stress-reducing, cost-effective, eco-friendly travel - make your next trip hassle-free with Airport Shuttle!

LaGuardia Airport Alternatives to the Shuttle

At LaGuardia Airport, shuttle rides are convenient and economical. But other transport options exist. Compare the pros and cons of each to pick the best for you with our tips.

  1. Taxis: Travelers who want direct, private transport often choose taxis. Find them outside each terminal and get to your destination quickly. Beware: they can be pricey during peak times and may charge extra for tolls and bags.

  2. Rideshare: Uber and Lyft thrive. LaGuardia offers these services, cheaper than taxis with an app to track your driver and pay via phone. Beware of surge pricing during peak times; you may need to walk to the pick-up spot.

  3. Public Transport: LaGuardia Airport offers MTA bus and subway, the most cost-effective option. Reach many places in the city, though it may be slow with multiple transfers.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages when choosing an alternative to the shuttle. If you're alone with a few bags, rideshare or public transit may be ideal. But if you have a group or lots of luggage, a taxi could be more comfortable and direct. Also, consider time; peak times may require the shuttle or taxi to dodge traffic delays. The LaGuardia shuttle is convenient and eco-friendly, yet always has an alternate plan for unexpected events. Make your airport transport decision based on your needs for the best results.

LaGuardia Airport Shuttle Tips

Simplify LaGuardia Airport shuttle stress: plan, know pick-up points, allow extra time during rush hours, pack lightly, and be polite. Stay vigilant for safety. Follow these tips to ease travel.


Experience convenience, affordability, and ease with LGA Airport Shuttle. Save time, reduce stress, and help the environment by planning ahead. Know pick-up locations and allow extra time during peak hours. Compare other transportation options - taxis, rideshares, public transit - to decide what's best for you. The shuttle strives for hassle-free convenience - try it next flight from LaGuardia!

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