New York LaGuardia International Airport Pet Relief Locations | Animal Policies for 2024

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When flying out of New York LaGuardia International Airport with an animal such as a dog, you'll want to read our article about the indoor, outdoor and post-security pet relief locations.


I recently traveled with my pet and used the Pets at LaGuardia Airport program. I offer firsthand, useful, up-to-date info from my experience.


Traveling with pets can be difficult. Pets at LGA provides comfort and assistance for pet owners and their pets. I've lived it, so I'm sharing my knowledge to make your next journey hassle-free. Pets at LGA provides a calming atmosphere before and after flights to ensure your furry friend is happy while traveling. You and your pet will have an enjoyable trip with my expertise!

Benefits of using the LaGuardia Airport Pets Scheme

Ease travel stress with Pets at LaGuardia. Certified therapy dogs and handlers offer emotional support, plus safe resting, playing, stretching, and lavatory facilities. Socialize with other pets and owners too! Make your journey easier for you and your furry friend.

Preparing for Your Trip with Your Pet

Travel with your pet safely and comfortably. Ensure vaccinations are up-to-date, bring paperwork, and consider temperament and behavior. Pack food, water, meds, toys; leash, collar & ID tags. Provide water & exercise breaks; create a cozy space for rest. Use calming pheromone spray or diffuser to relax your pet. Prepare well for a stress-free journey!

Using the Pets at LaGuardia Airport Program

Traveling with your pet? LaGuardia Airport's Pets Program offers a break from stress. Accessible to all passengers, it's in the Central Terminal Building near baggage claim. Greeted by trained handlers and their furry friends, you can spend time with them or ask questions about traveling with pets. Not a daycare/boarding facility; take your pet for walks at relief areas throughout the airport. Take advantage of this great resource next time you travel!


Discover LaGuardia's Pets program and how it simplifies travel for pet owners and their furry friends. Reduce stress, and have fun - this program is invaluable. Use it on your next trip: check airline requirements, and make sure you and your pet are ready to go. Read this info to help decide if traveling with a pet is right for you - safe travels!

New York LaGuardia International Airport Pet Relief Locations | Animal Policies for 2024 - Reviews

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