New York LaGuardia International Airport LGA: Latest news and information on Covid-19

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Find out about New York LaGuardia International Airport LGA available Covid-19 testing, terminal closures and more on


I recently flew to LaGuardia and can provide firsthand knowledge of their Covid-19 protocols. I'll give you useful, current info.


This thorough guide will help you navigate the LaGuardia Airport Covid-19 Rules. Prioritize your own and others' health and safety. Before boarding your aircraft, know what to anticipate, how to move securely, and what you'll need. Get essential information for a pleasant voyage, whether you're a seasoned traveler or this is your first trip since the epidemic began. To decrease viral propagation and be safe during these exceptional times, follow these suggestions. Let's get started right away!

Preparing for Your Trip

Prepare for your LaGuardia Airport trip during Covid-19. Have all documents ready, and check travel restrictions and policies in the destination city/state (may vary). Bring proof of a negative Covid-19 test or vaccination if required; on-site testing is available at the terminal (check requirements). Pack extra PPEs: face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. Keep a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer and wipes in your carry-on bag. Avoid placing personal items in seat back pockets; keep them with you to reduce contamination risk. Use contactless payment methods when possible to avoid cash/credit card exchanges. Follow these tips for a safe and stress-free experience!

Arriving at LaGuardia Airport

Arriving at LaGuardia Airport? Be ready for Covid-19 changes. Look out for signs and announcements about safety protocols, like social distancing and face coverings. Check in online if possible, then find rearranged seating areas, boarding gates, security lines, and limited capacity amenities. Expect enhanced cleaning with frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces plus hand sanitizer stations. Face coverings must be worn always except when eating or drinking in designated spots; follow floor markings to practice social distancing. Prepare for a safe journey by following these rules!

Boarding Your Flight

When boarding your flight, you may wait in a designated area or board based on seat location. Flight attendants may ask you to sanitize your hands before entering the plane. Airlines now mandate face coverings while boarding and scanning your own pass from afar is encouraged. Enhanced cleaning procedures include electrostatic sprayers between flights and masks must be worn throughout except for eating/drinking. Some airlines limit passenger numbers for social distancing purposes too. Follow all guidelines from airline staff for a secure journey!

Arriving at Your Destination

Prepare for safe travel during a pandemic. Research Covid-19 regulations, be flexible with businesses impacted by the crisis, plan supplies, and use available resources. Tourist offices often provide guides; blogs offer other people's experiences. Follow these steps for an enjoyable trip.


Before traveling, prepare documentation such as proof of immunization or Covid-19 test results. At LaGuardia Airport, notice changes in check-in processes and security precautions such as face masks and social separation. Learn about local Covid-19 regulations at your location, including testing/quarantine requirements and limits on congregating/eating indoors. Follow the requirements to protect yourself as well as others during this epidemic; remain up-to-date on travel precautions by checking LaGuardia's website or the CDC. Have a safe and nice vacation!

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