Prayer Room / Locations at New York LaGuardia International Airport LGA in 2023

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Seeking a place to worship or attend chapel service at New York LaGuardia International Airport? Find out it is available this week.


I just used LaGuardia Airport's prayer areas and can give firsthand insight into access, cleanliness, and experience. I offer in-depth, useful info from my own encounters.


LaGuardia Airport understands the need for prayer areas in a globalized, diverse airport. Thus, they provide multiple spaces throughout the airport to accommodate all travelers. This guide offers info on the location, amenities, and cultural considerations of these prayer areas. Whether you're a frequent traveler or just passing through, LaGuardia's prayer areas offer an inclusive space to practice religion and make everyone feel welcome.

Location and Accessibility

Discover prayer areas at LaGuardia Airport with ease. Look for signs that say "Interfaith Prayer Room" or "Quiet Reflection Room," and follow the arrows. The prayer areas are located in Terminal B (departures level, near American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge). Accessible to all via escalators, elevators, or stairs; however during peak times they may be crowded or hard to reach - ask airport staff for help if needed.

Amenities and Features

LaGuardia Airport's prayer areas provide a respectful, comfortable environment for all faiths. Prayer mats are free and regularly cleaned; directional signage helps visitors find the area; religious literature includes copies of the Holy Quran and Bible. Special accommodations include ablution facilities with separate men/women sections, plus foot washing stations. LaGuardia ensures an inclusive atmosphere for prayerful practice.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

LaGuardia Airport ensures prayer areas stay clean and hygienic. A crew cleans them multiple times daily, treating religious items with respect. Report uncleanliness or maintenance needs promptly for the airport to address quickly and keep a pristine environment for travelers.

Cultural and Religious Considerations

LaGuardia Airport ensures a respectful, inclusive worship space. Policies and guidelines guarantee safety and comfort, free from discrimination or harassment. Special amenities like foot-washing stations and toilets meet religious needs. The airport pledges a welcoming atmosphere that honors all faiths.


At LaGuardia, travelers of all backgrounds and faiths can find prayer areas. Signs guide visitors to the spaces with mats, literature, and other resources. Ablution facilities or foot washing stations make these areas accessible to everyone. The airport ensures cleanliness and maintenance for a comfortable environment; any issues are swiftly addressed. Policies ensure respect and inclusivity for all who use the prayer areas. This webpage provides helpful info - take advantage during your time at LaGuardia!

Prayer Room / Locations at New York LaGuardia International Airport LGA in 2023 - Reviews

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