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Renting a car from Enterprise at LaGuardia Airport was effortless, efficient, and stress-free. I offer in-depth, useful, and up-to-date info based on my experience.


Travel can be both exciting and exhausting. Reduce the stress by renting from Enterprise at LaGuardia Airport. I recently visited and was impressed with their friendly staff, quality cars, and reasonable prices. This article provides a guide to help you make an informed choice for your next trip.

Enterprise Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport

Enterprise is a renowned car rental company, and its LaGuardia Airport location is no exception. Conveniently located within the airport, they offer vehicles for all types of travelers - from families to business people. Choose from compacts, mid-sizes, full-size, SUVs, or luxury cars; add GPS navigation systems, car seats, and more for an extra fee. Enterprise offers competitive prices and various rental options - daily, weekend, or longer periods. Plus join their loyalty program to earn points with each rental and get special benefits/discounts. Prices may vary depending on season/demand so book in advance for availability & best price! Renting a car from Enterprise at LaGuardia Airport is convenient & reliable; with a wide selection of vehicles plus excellent customer service, it's a top choice for many travelers.

The Rental Process

Renting a car can be thrilling or stressful. Prepare for Enterprise Car Rental at LaGuardia Airport with this guide and feel confident when you arrive.

  • Book ahead: Reserve your vehicle online or by phone for peak season travel. Have flight details ready so Enterprise can have the car waiting. Booking early saves money and guarantees the desired vehicle.

  • Check-in process at the rental counter: At LaGuardia Airport, head to the rental car center for Enterprise. Show your driver's license, credit card, and reservation confirmation to the rep. After verifying your info, they'll give you the keys and direct you to your vehicle.

  • The Inspection Process: Inspect your rental vehicle before you drive off. Notice and report to your Enterprise representative any scratches, dents, or other damage. This is your assurance that you will not be liable for any pre-existing damage.

  • Share the driving: Add extra drivers to your rental agreement. They must present a valid license, meet age and credit requirements, and may incur an additional fee - check with Enterprise for details.

  • Payment: Enterprise Car Rental at LaGuardia takes most major credit and debit cards with Visa or Mastercard logos. Note that a hold will be placed on your card for the estimated total plus the incidentals deposit. The hold is released when you return the car, so budget accordingly and ensure enough available credit/funds to cover it.

  • Returning the vehicle: Return your rental car to LaGuardia Airport. Follow the signs to the Enterprise return area and park there. An Enterprise rep will inspect for damage and check fuel before closing out your agreement. If all is good, they'll release the hold on your card and you can go!

Secure a stress-free rental at LaGuardia Airport with Enterprise Car Rental. Book ahead, inspect the car, and know the payment/return policies.

Tips and Tricks for Renting a Car

Rent a car for your next trip and explore at your own pace. Get tips to make the most of your rental experience from Enterprise at LaGuardia Airport. Learn how to navigate the process and area with ease.

Choose the right vehicle for your needs

Renting a car? Select the right vehicle for your needs. Traveling with many people or lots of luggage? Get an SUV or minivan. Just two of you? A smaller car may be more cost-effective. Enterprise offers various options - take time to pick wisely for your journey.

Understand the rental agreement and insurance options

Before signing a rental agreement, understand the terms and conditions, including insurance options. Enterprise offers collision damage waiver and liability insurance to protect you in case of an accident or vehicle damage. Carefully review the options and select the one that best fits your needs.

Prepare for tolls and parking fees

Driving on toll roads or parking in paid lots? Have cash or credit ready for fees. Consider rental car companies' transponders and GPS units to navigate and pay tolls.

Navigating unfamiliar roads and highways

Familiarize yourself with local roads before driving. Plot your route and detect potential issues, like construction or traffic jams, using a GPS or map app. In unfamiliar areas, drive carefully and defensively.

Maintaining and returning the vehicle in good condition

Stick to the company's rules, refuel, and check for damage before/after. Report any problems promptly to dodge fees.

Simplify your rental car experience at LaGuardia Airport with Enterprise. Ask the agent questions or for assistance. We'll summarize the benefits and provide final advice in the next section.


Rent from Enterprise at LaGuardia for a stress-free trip. Select from their wide range of vehicles, competitive rates, and great customer service. Know rental terms and insurance options, plan for tolls/parking fees, and keep the car in good shape to maximize your experience. Business or vacation - book now and explore LaGuardia!

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