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Baby Facilities / Nursing Suites

As a new mother who recently flew through LaGuardia, I was amazed at the convenience and comfort of the Baby Facilities / Nursing Suites. I'll provide you with insightful, useful, and up-to-date information from my own experience.

Introduction to Baby Facilities / Nursing Suites at LaGuardia Airport

Traveling with young children can be daunting, but LaGuardia Airport's Baby Facilities / Nursing Suites make it easier. These private, secure areas provide a comfortable space for parents to change diapers, feed or nurse their babies. Amenities include changing tables, seating, and breastfeeding areas. As an expert in the field, I've used these facilities and can attest they are a game-changer for parents traveling with young children. Here you'll find all the info you need about location & access, amenities & cleanliness, accessibility & inclusivity plus tips & considerations.

Location and Access

Traveling with young kids? LaGuardia Airport offers a comprehensive network of baby facilities and nursing suites. Easily find them via the airport's website or by asking staff for help. Nursing suites are located near gates, post-security, and baggage claim areas; they're private, clean, spacious, and equipped with seating, changing tables, and power outlets. Family restrooms also provide baby-changing tables throughout the terminals. Access codes or keys may be required; check availability in advance to plan. LaGuardia makes it stress-free for parents to travel with peace of mind!


Traveling with a baby or young child? LaGuardia Airport's Baby Facilities/Nursing Suites provide comfort and convenience. Enjoy comfortable seating, private breastfeeding areas, play areas for kids with toys and games, microwaves to warm bottles/food, hand sanitizer/sinks for handwashing, diaper dispensers/vending machines, and electrical outlets to charge devices. All these amenities ensure a stress-free visit.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

The Baby Facilities/Nursing Suites at LaGuardia Airport are kept clean and well-maintained. Custodians sanitize with hospital-grade disinfectants and resupply supplies, and maintenance staff is constantly on hand to deal with any problems. Inspectors examine cleanliness, inventory levels, and facilities such as sinks and soap dispensers. If travelers encounter issues, they should report them; LaGuardia takes input seriously and moves fast to ensure that these facilities are safe, sanitary, and in good working order for all guests.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Traveling with a child? The Baby Facilities/Nursing Suites at LaGuardia Airport make things easier. They are accessible and welcoming, with wide doorways, wheelchair-friendly floor space, grab bars for special needs and gender-neutral restrooms. I've utilized them and highly suggest them to all working parents.

Other Tips and Considerations

  1. Pack Essentials: When traveling with kids, bring diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, extra clothes, and snacks. These will come in handy at Baby Facilities/Nursing Suites and during the flight.

  2. Time Use of Facilities: Plan to use these before your flight or layover; check the airport website for peak travel times. Know policies beforehand to ensure a smooth experience.

  3. Bring Stroller: A stroller gives your child a place to rest while you use facilities and makes navigating easier; most airlines allow free checking of strollers.

  4. Baby Carriers: Keep your child close with a comfortable carrier appropriate for the journey length.

  5. Family Restrooms: LaGuardia Airport offers family restrooms equipped with changing tables, sinks, and private space for nursing/pumping.

  6. Airport Assistance: Ask for help if needed - many airports offer assistance including stroller rentals, wheelchair help & security aid.

Pack basics, plan your usage of LaGuardia Airport's Baby Facilities/Nursing Suites, understand airport restrictions, and make use of strollers and family restrooms for a stress-free trip with children.


Take advantage of LaGuardia Airport's commitment to safety and comfort with their Baby Facilities/Nursing Suites. Enjoy a secure, isolated place for breastfeeding and nappy change, as well as conveniences to make traveling with children more convenient. These amenities are used by parents to make their travel easier!

Find Nursing / Lactation Rooms in Terminals at New York LaGuardia International - Reviews

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