Discover great places for your kids to play at New York LaGuardia International

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Where are the kid areas or playgrounds at New York LaGuardia International? Check out our friendly map to find things kids can do at LGA.

Children’s Play / Activity Areas

I recently flew with my family and kids, so I can vouch for LaGuardia Airport's Children's Play/Activity Areas. Drawing on my experience, I'll give you useful, up-to-date info.


Parents know traveling with kids can be hard. LaGuardia Airport understands this, so they created play/activity areas for families to relax before their flights. These provide a safe place for children and help parents de-stress - making travel more pleasant. Learn about the features, amenities, and tips of these areas to make LaGuardia an ideal choice for New York-bound families.

Location and Access

LaGuardia Airport caters to families with kids by providing play areas in each of its terminals. Signs direct parents to the terminal and gate where they can find them, though availability may vary. Stroller rentals are also available near baggage claim for added convenience. Traveling with children is made easy at LaGuardia!

Features and Amenities

Family-friendly LaGuardia offers playgrounds with jungle gyms, interactive games, matting, and staff supervision. Parents can relax knowing the areas are clean and maintained, plus there are nearby restrooms and changing areas. Perfect for families traveling with kids - LaGuardia understands the need for a secure yet enjoyable environment for children.

Tips for Using the Play Areas

Make LaGuardia Airport travel with kids easier. Use these tips for the Children's Play/Activity Areas: Supervise your child, bring toys and snacks, plan ahead, and show courtesy. Ensure safety first; take turns and be respectful of others. Pack items they may need during the trip. Utilize long layovers to let children expend energy and connect with other families with children of the same age - it'll make time fly! Maximize your family's experience for a more enjoyable journey.

Comparison with Other Airports

Family-friendly features are what set LaGuardia apart. Unlike the cramped or large but unsupervised playgrounds at other airports, its playgrounds are well-placed, equipped, and supervised. In addition, amenities such as restrooms and lactation rooms make it suitable for a wide range of children. If you want the most child-friendly airport, try LaGuardia.


LaGuardia Airport offers a family-friendly travel experience with children's play/activity areas. These safe and engaging spaces offer fun exploration. LaGuardia is the perfect place for kids to play. Playgrounds and supervised activities are available to keep children entertained while they wait for their flight. Choose an airport that caters to families for a stress-free trip.

Discover great places for your kids to play at New York LaGuardia International - Reviews

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