Best Parking at New York LaGuardia International Airport LGA in 2024

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Find Overnight, Economy Parking at the Best Parking Lots near New York LaGuardia International with Free Shuttles.


My recent LaGuardia Airport parking experience attests to the challenges of finding a spot. I offer current, helpful info from my own journey to make your next trip smoother and less stressful.


Navigating LaGuardia Airport can be tricky, but I'm here to help. Benefit from my expertise and money-saving tips. Whether you're a frequent flyer or a first-time visitor, this guide provides all the info you need for an optimal decision. We'll cover on-site, off-site & shuttle services - pros, cons & insider tricks - let's go!

Parking Options at LaGuardia Airport

  • On-Site Parking: It is the most convenient option, with hourly, daily, and long-term options. Hourly parking is ideal for pick-ups/drop-offs; daily parking suits one or two days; and long-term parking works best for extended trips. Though convenient, on-site parking is pricey: $8/hr., $39/day (max. $18 after the first week) for the long term.

  • Off-Site Parking: Save money at LaGuardia with off-site parking. Valet, self-parking, and shuttle services are available for convenience. Valet is the most convenient but pricier option; self-parking requires you to park your car yourself but is more affordable. Shuttles take you to/from the airport. Off-site rates start at $15 per day, though extra time should be factored in for transportation.

  • Shuttle Services: Get to the airport conveniently with shuttle services. On-site and off-site parking facilities offer free shuttles every 10-15 minutes. Check pickup/drop-off locations, as some may vary. Allow extra time for this option.

To sum up, LaGuardia Airport offers parking for all travelers - convenience, affordability, or both. Consider your itinerary, budget, and desired ease to pick the best option.

On-site Parking

Travelers who need nearby parking at LaGuardia Airport have three options: hourly, daily, and long-term. Here's how I rate each, based on cost, convenience, and location.

  1. Hourly Parking: Park close to the terminal with LaGuardia Airport's hourly parking. Rates start at $8/hr, up to a max of $39/day. Exceed 24 hours and you'll pay for an extra day. Hourly lots are in front of each terminal, connected by covered walkways. Convenient and closer than daily rates!

  2. Park Daily at LaGuardia: Daily parking is farther from the terminal than hourly, but still within walking distance. It's perfect for those needing to park a full day or more. Several lots are near each terminal and rates start at $39/day with no max time limit. For extended stays, daily parking may be cheaper than hourly.

  3. Park Long-Term: LaGuardia Airport's long-term parking is the most economical choice for extended stays, like a week or more. It's farther from the terminals than hourly and daily lots, but still accessible via shuttle bus. Rates start at $39/day and drop to $18 after four days; the max stay is 30 days. For longer stays, contact the parking office.

Parking at LaGuardia Airport offers travelers convenience and security, with varying costs and distances to the terminals. Consider your needs and itinerary when selecting hourly, daily or long-term parking. Next, we'll explore off-site options.

Off-site Parking

Travelers seeking cheaper rates than LaGuardia Airport's on-site parking can opt for off-site. Valet, self-parking, and shuttle services are available. Here we analyze each option's pros and cons.

  • Valet Parking: Experience hassle-free parking with valet. Drop off your car at the station and a driver will park it for you. When you return, your car awaits. Valet is pricier than other options, but worth it for the convenience.

  • Self-Parking: Park yourself at LaGuardia Airport with self-parking. Drive to the lot, park your car, and keep your keys. Many lots offer shuttle services for convenience and affordability. Self-parking is usually cheaper than valet but requires you to hold onto your keys, which may be inconvenient for some travelers.

  • Shuttle Services: LaGuardia Airport's off-site lots provide free shuttles every 10-15 minutes. Valet and self-parking include the service, but they can also be bought separately. Enjoy convenient, efficient transport to/from the airport.

Compare off-site parking options for your travels. Valet is convenient but costly; self-parking is cheaper, yet requires keys; shuttles are free and simple, though may extend the trip. Decide based on budget and preferences.

Shuttle Services

Seeking a cost-effective alternative to on-site parking at LaGuardia Airport? Consider shuttle services. They provide reliable, affordable off-site parking and complimentary transportation to/from the terminal. Several options exist; explore their pros and cons for an informed decision.

  • The Parking Spot: Park at The Parking Spot near LaGuardia Airport for shuttle service, valet, and covered and open-air parking. Shuttles run every 5-7 minutes for quick airport transfers. Reap rewards with their program - free parking and more!

  • **Park Plus Airport Parking: **Offers off-site parking with a shuttle to LaGuardia. With decades of expertise, they provide secure options like valet, self-parking, and long-term parking. Their shuttle runs every 5-10 minutes with terminal pick up/drop off. Gain rewards from their program: free parking and other advantages for frequent users.

  • AirPark: Offers budget-friendly off-site parking near LaGuardia Airport. Choose from uncovered, covered, and valet options. Their shuttle runs every 10-15 minutes for a fast transfer to the terminal. Plus, join their loyalty program for discounts and rewards.

Save with LaGuardia Airport shuttles. Weigh frequency, location, and cost to find the best one for you.


Explore LaGuardia Airport parking. Compare on-site and off-site options, like the convenience of on-site but higher cost. Reserve ahead to save money and secure a spot during busy times. Use mobile apps or websites to find the best deal for you. Don't let parking at LaGuardia be stressful or costly; use this guide for valuable info and tips.

Best Parking at New York LaGuardia International Airport LGA in 2024 - Reviews

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