New York LaGuardia International Airport (LGA) Frontier Airlines

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Frontier Airlines operates out of Terminal A

Frontier Airlines

I've flown Frontier Airlines from LaGuardia multiple times. Their service stands out from other airlines. I offer current, helpful info based on my experience.


Fly Frontier Airlines from New York LaGuardia International Airport? As a frequent flyer, I can vouch for their great service, convenient schedules, and budget-friendly prices. This guide shares my expertise on using Frontier at LGA to help you make the most of your travel experience.

Fly Frontier for budget trips to 100+ US, Mexico, and Caribbean destinations. Enjoy low fares and customize your trip with à la carte pricing. Save money without compromising comfort or convenience.

Navigate LaGuardia International Airport with ease. This guide offers valuable info on Frontier's policies for the 30 million passengers who fly through LGA each year. Learn how to book your flight and navigate the airport, so you can approach your next journey with confidence.

Booking Your Flight

Booking Frontier from LGA? Consider baggage, seating, and amenities. Review fees for luggage type/weight to avoid surprises. Choose a fare with carry-on/personal items included to save. Check seat choices and pricing for the best fit and budget. Explore food/drink plus in-flight entertainment like movies, TV shows, and games - all for an enjoyable travel experience!

Check-In and Boarding

Booking Frontier from LGA? Weigh baggage, seating, and amenities. Review fees for luggage size/weight to avoid surprises. Select a fare with carry-on/personal items included to save. Compare seat choices and pricing for best fit and budget. Investigate food/drink plus in-flight entertainment like films, TV shows, and games - all for an enjoyable journey!

Online Check-In

Frontier Airlines lets passengers check-in online up to 24 hours before takeoff. Visit the airline's website, enter your reservation number and last name, then choose seats, add checked bags, and print or email your boarding pass.

Self-Serve Kiosks

Frontier Airlines offers self-serve kiosks at LGA for check-in. Select seats, print boarding passes, and add checked bags - all from the terminal.

Baggage Drop-Off

Checked in online or at the kiosk? Head to Frontier Airlines' baggage drop-off area. Comply with the policies on their website to avoid fees and issues.

Security Checkpoint

Drop your bags, then head to security. Have your boarding pass and ID ready for the officers. Follow TSA rules on carry-ons and liquids.

Prepare for a hassle-free check-in and boarding when flying Frontier Airlines from New York LaGuardia International Airport by following these steps.

In-Flight Experience

Frontier Airlines offers an exceptional in-flight experience, with seating, food/drink, and entertainment options. Explore the details here to make your flight comfortable and enjoyable.

Seating Options:

Frontier Airlines offers three seating options: Standard, Stretch, and The Works. Standard has a 28-31" seat pitch and limited recline. Stretch is 33-34" for taller passengers or those needing more space. The Works is Frontier's premium option with front seats, priority boarding, free checked bags, and onboard refreshments.

Food and Drink Options:

Frontier Airlines provides food and drinks for purchase. Pre-order meals during booking or buy snacks/drinks from the in-flight menu. Choose from light snacks to full meals, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Entertainment Options:

Frontier Airlines' in-flight experience offers a variety of entertainment. Rent movies, TV shows, music, and games through the airline's system on most flights. Plus, join Frontier Miles for frequent flyer rewards like future flights and more. Whether you seek basic or premium services, Frontier has something for every traveler.

Arrival and Ground Transportation

Arriving at LGA can be overwhelming, but with preparation, you can make it a hassle-free experience. Navigate the airport's three terminals (currently undergoing renovations) and take advantage of the free shuttle bus service ("Route A") running every 10 minutes. Find transportation options outside each terminal's baggage claim area: taxis are metered; ride-sharing services have designated pick-up areas; public transport includes several bus routes and the M60 to Manhattan. Allow plenty of time for traffic, have payment ready, and enjoy your trip!


LaGuardia International Airport is easy to fly with Frontier Airlines. For a stress-free booking, check-in, boarding, and arrival experience, follow the tips in this guide. Understand airline policies before you book. Check in early online or at kiosks and arrive early to avoid delays. Navigate LGA facilities, find ground transportation, and follow COVID protocols for a smooth trip. Budget travelers can have a memorable experience with Frontier Airlines by following these tips for a relaxed trip that will prepare you for your next adventure.

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